About Concept Roofing Inc.

Locally owned and operated, Concept Roofing Inc. has been serving St. Albert for the last five years with great success. Our goal is to provide prompt service along with the best quality in materials and professional workmanship. Concept Roofing Inc. prides itself in building relationships with our customers to ensure a friendly, honest environment in which to do business.

Why Get a New Roof?

Old worn out roofs can lead to costly damages. When water leaks past your shingles it does not only ruin your roof decking. Water can find its way into interior walls potentially destroying drywall, expensive flooring and even rotting the structure and causing mold. By having Concept Roofing Inc. take care of your roofing needs it will help prevent such damages from occurring.

Other benefits are:

Choose Concept Roofing Inc.

Our tradesmen have been in the business for many years and have had to prove their skills before we allow them to work on our sites. The application of our materials is applied in reference to the standards provided to us from the manufacturer. We have WCB and liability insurance that covers all of our crews to ensure our customers have nothing to worry about. The materials we use have a limited lifetime warranty to complement the 5 year limited workmanship warranty that we provide. A great job on the roof is not enough for us, our attention to detail has all of our crews follow a check list that must be completed to ensure the ground clean up looks as good as your roof does.

Call Concept Roofing Inc. today for a free estimate and see why we are the right choice for you.